Vermont Equine BodyWorks

Why Vermont Equine BodyWorks

Krietta Phillips grew up in an Olympic ski family. She has spent her life as a competitor, from racing on the Saab Pro Mogul Tour to competing as a
nationally ranked triathlete.

Her life-long passion for horses has taken her from showing pet ponies to the Medal and Maclay Equitation Finals as a Junior rider. She has trained and shown with Missy Clark and John Brennan of North Run for the past 13 years.

As a competitor, Krietta Phillips knows that to ensure maximum health and to stay on top of any sport requires proper training and nutrition. It is important to integrate a variety of body work ranging from acupressure, sports massage and therapy, to strengthening and stretching exercises.

Our equine competitors are asked to perform and compete at similar levels to human athletes. It is equally important for our equine counterparts to receive proper training and nutrition to support their competitive requirements.

In addition, our equine partners require a range of body work similar to us.   
 “Equine body work is an essential part of our program here at North Run.”
  ~ Emily Kilker / Barn Manager at North Run, Warren, VT